ACG Network attended the Blockchain Partners Summit 2018

July 21-22, 2018| Appearing at the 2018 Blockchain Partner Summit, ACG Network explores new prospects for the development of Asia’s digital content industry

The Blockchain Partner Summit (BPS), which enjoys the reputation of “Consensus Conference” in the eastern hemisphere was held from July 21st to 22nd, 2018 in Seoul, Korea.


ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang, Co-Founder Shinichiro Maeda and CMO Yuki Xu participated in the summit, shared the logic and technical progress of ACG Network program and exchanged views on the blockchain technology industry with the guests.


More than 1,000 guests attended this summit, including many big names in the blockchain technology industry, such as Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance which is one of the world’s largest exchanges, Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the IOHK which is one of the most famous research institutions of blockchain technology, Roger Ver, member of which is the news website of Bitcoin that owns the most traffic and last but not least HWISANG KIM, CIO of Hashed which is the biggest blockchain foundation in Korea.


Group Photo of ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang with Co-Founder Shinichiro Maeda


Group Photo of ACG Network CMO Yuki Xu with Roger Ver, CEO of


Group Photo of Ervin Zhuang with Zhao Changpeng, CEO of Binance


The two-day summit was themed with “A new paradigm, a new future”. On the scene, many guests delivered their speeches and aroused blazing discussions on the current situation and trends of blockchain technology.


ACG Network’s booth was very popular on the scene


On the summit, Ervin Zhuang delivered a keynote speech and shared the visions of Asia’s digital content industry with the guests. He said that with the invention and popularity of smartphones, people’s life is full of digital contents, games, live-stream, music, online books, comic, movies and TV drama, which promoted the development of game and comic industries. In the future, the digital content industry would surely attract more fans and win more opportunities.


Ervin was making a keynote speech on the scene


Meanwhile, he mentioned that the existing problems such as piracy and infringement, lack of incentive mechanism for content generation and limitation on content selection by monopoly of centralized platforms greatly hindered the development of the digital content industry. Therefore, bringing changes is inevitable to change the dilemma. Based on the blockchain and smart contracts, ACG Network built a brand-new decentralized platform of anime, comic, game and movies, thus helping users realize the functions of uploading contents, commenting and crowd-funding.


In the initial R&D phase, based on the Ethereum blockchains, ACG Network would develop a decentralized IP crowd-funding platform and make it go live. Meanwhile, ACG Network team is developing a smart contracts generation tool that is more suitable for customization and visualization. On a global scale, the ACG Network content development team will reach a consensus among creators and content producers and eventually form a decentralized IP exchange across borders. Blockchain is not everything. The ultimate consensus is the bond that connects the creativity with the reality on the blockchain. And he hopes that more partners would join the ACG Network in the future to release their creative monsters.


As the leading-edge and influential blockchian technology convention, the Blockchain Partner Summit has brought many elites and talents together. ACG Network would promote the development of blockchian industry with industrial partners and get more influence in the industry.

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