ACG Network Crowdfunding Platform

Blockchain based Crowdfunding Platform- A Unique ACG Network Digital Content distribution’s Feature

As Doug Kessler said,
“Content will always be needed as the world is ever changing. However content alone doesn’t confer advantage anymore. Quit your sneaky content and use some integrity and emotional resonance instead.
In two years’ time, the people with the best attribution models right now will win. “

Doug Kessler, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Velocity

Since the content industry is quickly undergoing many changes, Towards the start of the Digital revolution, computers encouraged the disclosure, recovery, and formation of new data in each field of human information. As data turned out to be progressively more available, the Digital Revolution additionally encouraged the production of advanced content. Regardless of an advancement to computerized innovation, which happened somewhere close to the late 1970s, distribution of computerized content did not start until the late 1990s with the rise in the prevalence of the Internet.

Now it’s the era of the blockchain, which is taking the digital content industry to new heights of digital content distribution. Taking account of following revolutionary properties of Blockchain technology such as peer to peer interaction, trusted algorithm, unforgeable, open, borderless, transparent, neutral, immutable, unaltered transaction history and being censorship persistent, ACG Network is blending blockchain technology in with digital content to make the most out of it.

I will summarize in following 3 ways of how ACG network is striving to leverage the crowdfunding platform to facilitate content creators to focus on original work without any limitation on content selection through blockchain (Ethereum based smart contracts).

Blockchain based ACG Network Crowdfunding Platform
ACG Network Crowdfunding Platform


1)  Backing up Content Creators

Content is considered to be king of the internet of things. Content creators are backbone of digital creative media production. ACG network through its revolutionary Crowdfunding platform, users can create smart contracts for crowdfunding projects (with use of ACGN digital asset) on the crowdfunding platform before launching projects and for each smart contract, 500 CATTs will be required for setting up the contracts. ACG network allows all creators to upload their own ideas and content projects, then through the ACG Network algorithm selection and artificial first trial, content will be selected for funding. However, there are 5 different stages involving crowdfunding, which will be discussed in the next blog.

2)  Involvement of Real Consumers of Content

Users/fans or members of crowdfunding platform (based on Ethereum smart contracts) are considered as real contributors to the original ideas of creators. Therefore, a community of true consumers of the particular content under the crowdfunding phase will mark the success of each project. From the very intimal phase to complete success, a large number of members of a certain project will be constantly in touch with content creators and his respective project.

ACG Network Crowdfunding Platform
ACG Network Crowdfunding Platform (Perks & Benefits )

3) Perks and Benefits of ACG Network crowdfunding Platform

After the successful development of crowdfunding project, a sponsor will establish a smart contract for income sharing and can set up the income sharing proportion, Crowdfunding contents such as videos and images will be put on ACGN’s content browser and advertising distribution platform in the future. Incomes from CATT’s paid by users and CATTs paid by client through the advertising distribution platform will be distributed to crowdfunding participants through smart contract. The platform will complete the distribution in batches monthly.

HODL is the blockchain buzzword, ACG network will use in another way of Holding CATT for future investment on your favorite project. Invest in ideas, ACG Network with the use of blockchain immutable record submission and Ethereum strong safety precautions along with Ethereum based smart contracts will make it a reality for content creators to focus more on creativity. ACG Network has a plan to officially launch its own public blockchain in the Q2 of 2019.

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Posted by Muhammad Faisal Riaz

M. Faisal Riaz is an experienced Business & Marketing Manager with 4 years of solid work experience in the field. Currently working as Marketing Manager at ACG Network Foundation, A Blockchain Ethereum based Digital content distribution platform.

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