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blockchain explorer

For the new contact blockchain friends, every concept in the blockchain world is fresh and needs to be explained. In the Internet, the importance of the browser is self-evident, also in the blockchain world. The same is true, so what is the blockchain explorer? What are the most frequently used blockchain explorers?


Today I will explain to you what is the blockchain explorer and will recommend the 5 most commonly used blockchain explorers for you.


Blockchain Explorer- 5 Best Blockchain Explorer
Blockchain Explorer- 5 Best Blockchain Explorer

What is a blockchain explorer?


A blockchain explorer can be defined simply as a browser for the blockchain. Blockchain explorer is a browser which is similar to the other browsers like Mozilla or Google Chrome for internet web pages.


Blockchain explorer is used to tracking the transactions of bitcoin & altcoin. Blockchain explorer has many valuable pieces of information like tracking the transactions. Blockchain explorer allows you to explore the whole entire blockchain platform which we are using.


Blockchain explorer is used in all kind of cryptocurrency transactions. For each cryptocurrency, they have their own blockchain explorer with similar functionalities.


Five of the Best Blockchain Explorers recommended


  1. com, which until recently resided at, is probably the best known BTC explorer. While its functions are basic by the standards of today’s explorers – you can search by block, transaction, or address – it’s trusted, reliable, and well presented.  The site also provides a wealth of stats pertaining to BTC activity over the past 24 hours.


  1. Blockchair

“Search the blockchain world for anything” is the rallying cry of, and  the site is as good as its word. It provides access to a trove of valuable data pertaining to the BTC, BCH, and ETH blockchains, including such things as mempool size, fees, number of nodes, and difficulty. Blockchair keeps getting better, and its array of variables that can be searched is unmatched. The explorer will even let you search for words and phrases that are encoded in the blockchain, enabling the curious to discover whether their hometown, sports team, or child’s name has been permanently encoded in the blockchain.


  1. Tokenview is a multi-chain explorer developed by a Chinese team and launched earlier this year. It’s a little rough around the edges, with some occasional translation issues, but the number of blockchains it covers is unsurpassed. More than 20 popular blockchains can be searched, making Tokenview the ultimate all-in-one tool for checking up on transactions and addresses. The site also includes a rich list for each of  the cryptocurrencies it covers.


  1. Etherscan

There’s a few decent ethereum explorers out there but is the most popular, and for good reason. It’s particularly good for looking up smart contract addresses, checking gas prices, and viewing DEX activity. Most of all though, Etherscan is used for checking the token balances of wallet addresses, something which other ethereum-based services such as Metamask and Myetherwallet can’t always reliably do.


  1. com

Finally, we’d also like to mention the block explorer. Its clean interface and minimalist design makes it easy to look up transactions for the BCH and BTC networks in a trice. You can scan in QR codes to check a wallet address, and a button allows for switching between Bitcoin legacy and cash addresses, among other mechanisms.

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M. Faisal Riaz is an experienced Business & Marketing Manager with 4 years of solid work experience in the field. Currently working as Marketing Manager at ACG Network Foundation, A Blockchain Ethereum based Digital content distribution platform.


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