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3 minutes to understand the highlights of ACG Network Forum~

Finally, ACG Network Forum comes!!

Below are the highlights that you can’t miss:


One: Great works=Great Rewards!

Everything will pay off, and ACG Network Forum believes that! As long as you upload your own original work in the forum, you can get the corresponding Candy reward based on the number of likes and comments received by the work. The ACG Network team will repurchase Candy in US dollars each week. Uploading a work and making money with your creative works can be realized on ACG Network Forum ~


Two: Appreciating and learning the experience of BIG NAMES!

It is well known that the anime, comic and game industries in Japan and Taiwan have a long history and therefore have a large group of outstanding creative talents. How to get the first-hand experience from those excellent content creators? It’s a right choice for you to come to the ACG Network Forum! The forum will gradually introduce a large number of outstanding content creators from Japan and Taiwan. You can not only appreciate their works, but also have the opportunity to communicate directly with them. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” Appreciating different excellent anime and comic works, and communicating with excellent creators frequently will be good for your creativity. Free apprenticeship is available on ACG Network Forum~


Three:Anime? Comic? Games? All are here~

If you are a fan of digital contents such as photography, anime, comic, games and novels, then the ACG Network Forum must be your best choice. Combining all kinds of digital contents, ACG Network Forum could satisfy your diverse hobbies to the fullest extent. If you are the creator of digital contents, you can show your various talents on the ACG Network Forum to gain fans and recognition.


Four:Need friends of the same hobby? Come ~

Need a friend who can chat with? Want to get friends who are like-minded? All you need is joining ACG Network Forum where you can discuss or create anime, play games, appreciate novels and participate in activities with many friends together… On the ACG Network Forum, you can make friends, share information and happiness with friends from all over the world. Who will be your first friend on the forum? Who will be the first collaborator of your work?



Five:ACG Network Forum= A platform of dreams!

“I want to be a cartoonist”, “I want to make games”, “I want to write a novel”, “I want to make an animation”… Everyone has a dream, so do all content creators! The dream to present works to everyone and show one’s own talents to the whole world is no longer far away. The ACG Network Forum is your platform for dreaming and making dreams come true. And fans from all over the world will be your best witness to your dreams.


If you are a new content creator whose works have been rejected frequently? Come to the ACG Network! The ACG Network Forum is an open and transparent stage. On this stage, whether your work is great or not will be decided by thousands of fans. As long as you are excellent enough, you will definitely stand out!


If you are already famous, but eager to go further? Come to the ACG Network! Show your works to fans around the world through the ACG Network Forum and let them know your talents. Perhaps, your work could win the favor of a big name; perhaps, your creative traits are in line with the cooperative expectations of some creative big names… ACG Network Forum will enable you to get closer to success.


Six:Participate in the activity and win the prize!

From November 20th to 27th, you can participate in the first Creative Competition, make creations with the theme “After a Volcano Erupted” and upload the work on ACG Network Forum. The top 3 works that win the most likes and comments could get corresponding rewards. For the detailed rules, please click here~(


For more details about ACG Network Forum, please click the link: Come and unleash your creative monsters on ACG Network Forum~

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