ACG Network Weekly Report

ACG Network Weekly Report 0910-0916

Development Progress


  • Changing the whole UI style
  • Developing next version (handbook, feedback, etc.)
  • Preparing the implementation of ONT public blockchain

-Official Site

  • Updating, and preparing the prototype and contents

-Official blog

  • Keep updating


  • Complete the development next week
  • Planning the contents


  • Refine some details


Industrial Event

Mr. Zhuang Yujie, CFO of ACG Network was invited to attend BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION SUMMIT held by CoinVoice in Taipei on September, 14. Mr. Zhuang gave a speech on the latest progress of ACG Network ecosystem.

Live  photo

Organizer’s report


Community Operation

ACG Network blog has been officially released on September, 8. Blog has five categories, including blockchain news, conference&event, ACGN ecosystem, and ACGN milestone. Users can check the latest progress of ACG Network as well as blockchain industry through the five categories.Users can communicate with core members of ACG Network by commenting under each blog article.


As the first blockchain of digital contents ecosystem in the world, ACG Network has announced the strategic cooperation with ONTOLOGY, a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. Based on the basic technology of ONT, ACG Network plans to launch a development project of DApp, furthering the construction of a decentralized digital contents ecosystem. Meanwhile, ACG Network and ONT have reach an agreement over the further collaboration on marketing activity and community operation.

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