bitTorrent and TRON unified to bring crypto to masses

BitTorrent Token and TRON Decentralized Web Bringing Crypto to Masses

bitTorrent and TRON unified to bring crypto to masses
bitTorrent and TRON unified to bring crypto to masses


From downloading HD movies, seasons, drama serials  to licensed or cracked fully functional versions of valuable software application to download RPG or collections of gaming genres comprising of hundreds of GBs data, BitTorrent joined hands with massive Decentralized web-based Blockchain Giant TRON to use TRON powered token to facilitate about 100 million of their users worldwide.  


Yours all time favourite file sharing software BitTorrent is moving to paid model? Sounds not interesting but hold on,  “ Participation in BTT transactions is required to be both fully disclosed and optional for end users” tokenizing their operation from downloading to uploading will open a new world of facilitation among their users and on the other hand  mass adoption dream of TRON to the crypto industry can be met too.


Critiques of this announcement mostly arguing that BitTorrent was always a pile of pirated files acted as a decentralized exchange in between peers.


For those who don’t know what is BitTorrent, here’s the quick definition.


“It is a peer to peer protocol which used economic incentive to facilitate the delivery of large and highly demanded files around the internet, eliminating the need for trusted central server”


It is an open protocol that has been independently implemented dozens of times and included in software that has been downloaded and installed billions of times in the past 16 years. Today the protocol is in regular use on well over one hundred million internet connected computing devices each month, The protocol is continuously updated through an open source process of BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals moderated on the developers website.

Here is the BTT White Paper  link.
There are three major business goals or objectives have been defined, content delivery, file storage and privacy-protecting proxy services.

All users of BitTorrent are used to get their desired data/ content for free but white paper goes to great length to explain that it’s not actually free. It says

“The system essentially implements a barter economy where individual clients collaborated on trading pieces of a file they each are trying to download, with delivery bandwidth used as the deciding factor for whom to keep bartering with.”

Big Picture

For most of the BitTorrent users including me have a perception that all data there is free, Na. its not a real thing. We pay through our bandwidth. So it was a barter economy before, users/end clients download their desired files through BitTorrent and in return BitTorrent distributed server utilize users bandwidth in order to facilitate their users. So what’s the difference now? It’s the TRON blockchain Tokenization will make it economical through fungible token usage.

BitTorrent which first launched in 2001, claims 100 million people uses its protocol each month. So TRON and BitTorrent leverage those users to bring them to the crypto world.

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