Pan Entertainment Industry Summit Chengdu 2018

November 9th, 2018 | China-Japan-Korea Pan-Entertainment Industry International Summit Chengdu 2018

Pan Entertainment Industry Summit Chengdu 2018
Pan Entertainment Industry Summit Chengdu 2018


On November 9th, the 2018 China-Japan-Korea Pan-Entertainment Industry International Summit was held in Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which attracted nearly 20 big names in the pan-entertainment industry from China, Japan, and South Korea.


ACG Network Co-founder Katsuaki Kato attended China-Japan-Korea Pan-Entertainment Industry International Summit and delivered a speech related to the operation experience of the game industry in Japan.

Kato Keming

The editor-in-chief of “Family Fami Pass”, the Famitsu Group COO, is the main pen, and maintains a wide network of contacts with producers and creative people in the mainstream Japanese game industry.

In the speech, Mr. Kato introduced the current status of the world’s game market and the future development path. He pointed out that the current world game market has exploded.

Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis
Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis

Mobile games are the largest market segment in 2018, accounting for more than half of global game revenue for the first time. The combined smartphone and tablet games generated $70.3 billion in revenue, accounting for 51% of the global market.


Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis
Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis


Due to the continued growth of smartphone games, the Asia Pacific region’s total revenue share has increased slightly over the past few years, and the region has the largest group of players to date. North America remains the second largest region, accounting for 23% of the global gaming market.



The data shows that in 2018, China once again became the world’s first country in game revenues, reaching $37.9 billion. The United States and Japan ranked second and third with $30.4 billion and $19.2 billion in game revenue, respectively.


Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis
Global Game market Data- ACG Network Analysis


Many people are worried that the game market is about to go beyond its limit. But Mr. Kato believes that the potential of the game is much more than that.


Mr. Kato shared his successful experience in Japan’s gaming operations for decades. In the past year, mobile game skeptics have once again proved to be wrong, and mobile games can compete with the immersive experience of role-playing games or the competitiveness of multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA).


Mr. Katyo while Delivering Keynote Speech
Mr. Kato while Delivering Keynote Speech- Chengdu, China


He specifically mentioned that China has many potential and attractive game companies. Tencent’s “ Arena of Valor”, launched at the end of 2015, was not only the highest-paid mobile game in 2017, but also has 200 million monthly active users in China. By limiting the time spent on each game and the amount of skills released on the screen, Tencent has created a mobile MOBA experience that could compete with PC MOBA.


In recent years, the exchange of game industry between Japan and China has become more frequent. However, problems such as copyright infringement and localization have not been solved. Mr. Kato believes that in the future, these problems can be effectively solved through technical means such as the blockchain technology.

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