Crypto Industry in Year 2018 Review

Crypto Industry in year 2018 Review – What to expect in 2019?

Crypto Industry in Year 2018 Review
Crypto Industry in Year 2018 Review


Last 6 booming months of 2017 and early 2 of 2018 were the peak time of crypto industry. Almost all crypto hype we are witnessing to date is still the effect of those 8 months progress with mini but adequate adoption. I would like to summarize this 2018 year as one of the depressed year for crypto community by large for instance.


All time high 20k USD BTC values drops to 3k Figure by the end of 2018. This holds right for all the other major crypotocurrency around e.g. Ethereum drops from 1000 USD to 100ish. But good news is that crypto industry is here to stay and real time problem solving projects are there to support the very revolutionize concept of open blockchain technology. I can quote few of them here for our readers to have quick review of 2018’s best real time projects who are delivering value to make world a better place.


My emphasis will be on projects that have an actual roadmap that’s followed by the team. We’ll be looking at projects with a release history, achieved milestones, real product or service, early adoption at the very least, and a user base no matter how small.


1) Ripple
2) Bitcoin
3) Stellar
4) Tether
5) Monero
6) NEO
7) Binance
9) Ontology
10) NEM



This is my personal list, you could have a different opinion about the best crypto product of all time.


On the other hand, 2018 was the year of huge number of emerging ICOs as compared to 2017. Despite the fact that 60% of them failed or totally purged but the amount raised for the same was double the amount raised in 2017.


Following is a sneak peek of the 2018 crypto highlights (reviews). So, I pigeon-holed them according to the most important events happened during 2018.


1)  Bitcoin 2017 December Rush Drops down in early February 2018 (Down to 14k USD then to eventually 3k USD end of 2018)

Image by NewsClock
Image by NewsClock

2)  In February, Blockchain-based game made Ethereum crowded. (CryptoKitties and so on)

Cryptokitties ethereum dapp
Cryptokitties ethereum dapp

3) By end of March 2018, nearly 60% of all 2017’s ICOs have failed to raise funding.



4)  In the same month, G20 Stability Board finally accepted the fact that crypto industry is not   posing any threats to global market involving fiat. (Kind of Acceptance for cryptocurrency)


5) NASDAQ announced to open a crypto exchange if given confidence (Still waiting for :P)



6)  Early March, Facebook and Google Adword banned the cryptocurrency and related advertising on their platform respectively. Later on, Twitter follows the same and banned crypto related promotions and campaigns effective from End of April.

7)  In July and August, Google decided to lift its ban partially on cryptocurrency advertisement while limiting it to verified exchanges companies and organizations. Facebook shifted its behavior towards crypto by allowing selected companies to advertise on their platform.


8) October 2018, 10th anniversary of Bitcoin Whitepaper

9) November 2018, A Bitcoin cash hard fork emerges and hit the crypto market resulting in the crash of crypto while one of the top and oldest cryptocurrency Bitcoin’s price falls down to 3k USD figure.


10) All of the G20 countries decided to regulate the crypto industry (acceptance)


The list can go even longer if we look into details of each event.


Who realizes what’s in store for crypto arrive before the year closes? Until two days back, it was fate and despair wherever you looked. Bitcoin was pronounced dead, Ethereum in transit out, and the entire segment looked in uncertainty.


Presently the price is bouncing back, the excitement is revived and the new Bull Run is going to start? Or then again perhaps not. 2018 has turned out to be totally true about two things:


  • The market is exceedingly defenseless to outside pressure
  • Notwithstanding the measure of “specialists” in the space, nobody truly has any hint what will occur straightaway.


So fasten your seat belt and appreciate the ride as the New Year is going to start.

Let us know in comments your own perspective about the Crypto industry in coming 2019.

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