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Focusing on making games Yasuhiro Wada tries to bring something different to game fans

The Double-11 Shopping Frenzy is coming.

In the interval of shopping happily,

maybe we could slow down the impulse to shop,

and talk about Yasuhiro Wada and his games.


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Yasuhiro Wada, you may not know who he exactly is, just by listening to the name. However, when it comes to “Harvest Moon” you should be familiar. And Yasuhiro Wada is the father of “Harvest Moon” and the CEO of the Japanese game company TOYBOX Inc.


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As a legendary developer in Japanese game industry, Yasuhiro Wada created “Harvest Moon” which has been recognized by the public with its brand-new ideas and wonderful atmosphere, and has become a game product suitable for entertainment and relaxation.


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Just like “Harvest Moon”, Yasuhiro Wada’s new work “Little Dragons Café” is also a non-combat and warm work. There are different plots in the game, which displays the experience of ordinary people of all kinds.

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“Little Dragons Café”


Like his rich and wonderful works, Yasuhiro Wada himself is a creator of novel ideas and insights. He prefers to make different games than to only follow the needs of the public. In this way, the game will be more diverse and the players will be more. But his original intention has never changed, which is to bring joy to more people with games.


Focusing on making games and passing on the happiness, Yasuhiro Wada says:(click here to find out).

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