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Founder of Kingsoft Cloud Group joined ACG Network as CTO

In early August, 2018, Yang Gang, founder and CTO of Kingsoft Cloud Group, and the former vice president of Kingsoft Office Software Corporation, announced to join in ACG Network, the world’s first digital content blockchain, and acts as CTO. Meanwhile, Zhang Zhongming, who started the research and development of blockchain technology in 2016 and has over ten years of large team managing experience would also join ACG Network and acts as the technical director.


Following the joining of the two big names, again, ACG Network thought through the technology and development implementation path. In August, the multi-currency function of the first DAPP-ACGN Wallet 1.0 version under the ACG Network ecosystem will go live. The incentive system, crowdfunding DApp1.0, voting system and the decentralized community are expected to be released in the second half of the year. In 2019, ACG network will focus on the advertising engine, IP trading system, ACGN original chain and the decentralized crawlers.


Yang Gang: ACG Network CTO
Mr. Yang is experienced in technology development domains. He worked in Kingsoft from 2001 to 2015. He has served as the chief software architect of Kingsoft WPS, vice president of Kingsoft Office Software Corporation, founder and CTO of Kingsoft Cloud Group, directing the cloud storage project of Xiaomi Technology, and vice president of Cheetah Mobile Inc and managing director of the Cloud Business Department.


Zhang Zhongming: ACG Network Technical Director
Mr. Zhang is experienced in overseas R&D and the development of DApp. He joined in Kingsoft in 2010 and participated in the R&D of the overseas version of Kingsoft Disk and Kingsoft Antivirus, Kingsoft Clean Master and other products. In 2016, he began to research Ethereum EVM smart contract related technologies and consensus algorithm improvement and has conducted many successful practices.


For more information about the ACG Network team, please refer to the official website and the latest White Paper of ACG Network.

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