top 5 best cryptocurrency wallets

Top 5 Best Free Cryptocurrency Wallets (Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallets)

top 5 best cryptocurrency wallets
top 5 best cryptocurrency wallets


Bitcoin has surprised the world, offering a currency option in contrast to the Govt. sponsored currency we as a whole know from day by day use. Defenders contend that the digital currency are less demanding, more secure and offer preferred protection over conventional currency standards. Since the estimation of a Bitcoin contrasted with the U.S. dollar and different monetary standards has soar in the course of the most recent few years, it has appeared on a few people’s radar as a speculation open door too.


Before you put a dollar into Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency, it is critical to comprehend the dangers. Bitcoin could without much of a stretch twofold in an incentive in next couple of years, yet it could simply drop to almost zero in esteem. Just put in what you can bear to lose on the grounds that there is a possibility you won’t get it back. On the off chance that you comprehend the dangers and you’re prepared to go ahead, any of these following best Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallets ought to have you secured.


CoinBase- Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet


Coinbase is a standout amongst the most well-known Bitcoin web wallets. This year, they have likewise included Ethereum support.


It is a modest and quick method for putting away Ethereum or Bitcoin, given that they serve your country. You can check if their administration is accessible in your country.

On the off chance that it is, pursue these means to utilize Coinbase:


  • Enroll at Coinbase.
  • Get your open location.
  • Exchange your ETH or BTC to Coinbase’s open location.
  • Store ETH on Coinbase.


In any case, the downside is that the private keys are not in your control since they are put away on Coinbase’s facilitated servers.



  • Trezor
  • Trezor Hardware Wallet- Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

    Trezor was chiefly proposed for Bitcoin stockpiling at first, yet later on, it began supporting different cryptocurrency, of which Ethereum is one of the significantly exchanged cryptos. It likewise underpins other ERC20 tokens, for example, Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and some more.


Trezor is a standout amongst other Ethereum equipment wallets. To control the put away Ether in Trezor wallet, you’ve to utilize a web wallet, most likely MyEtherWallet, which will highlight Trezor mix.


The greatest favorable position of Trezor is that it is a standout amongst the most secure wallets. Other than having the basic preferred standpoint of a disconnected wallet, it offers different highlights like advanced cryptography, 2-factor verification, and the last screen permits you to amend the exchange before affirming.


  • ACGN Ethereum Wallet


ACG Network
ACG Network- Ethereum Wallet

ACG network Ethereum wallet is a decentralized wallet which mainly enables the following functions:

1) Transaction Inquiry

2) Asset Balance Inquiry 
3) Transfer Payments (Eth to USD, CATT to X)
4) Real-Time inquiry of Multi-currency Market
5) Candy Incentive Mechanism

 6) Multiple Security Encryption Mechanism



– ACGN Wallet (here referred to as Ethererum’s digital asset wallet) supports a variety of account backup methods to provide local backup security.

Digital Currencies Transfer:

– Supporting multiple currency transfers, we have developed a unique agency payment agreement for the transfer of our own currency. Matching exchanges, real-time access to the account market prices in various currencies based on Ethereum blockchain. .

High Security:

-We focus on the security of the account assets and provide multiple account protection mechanisms. Once an abnormal transfer occurs within the account, we will activate the alert mechanism to avoid the loss of personal assets caused by hacking.
– A security center to help protect your funds from unauthorized access

Currency Conversion:

-Designed a two-tier internal currency conversion mechanism to resolve transaction costs and transaction efficiency issues (CATT to eth, eth to CATT).

Please keep mining CATT and you can use it for ACG Network crowdfunding purpose once its live soon later this year 2018, can be transferred to ETH once our Tokens Published on Exchange.  If you have not downloaded our ACGN Ethereum Wallet

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Android version:

  • Guarda
Guarda Wallet- Top 10 Best Ethereum Wallet
Guarda Wallet- Top 5  Best Cryptocurrency Wallet


Guarda is one of the primary multi cryptocurrency wallet, which underpins the most mainstream crypto coins and tokens including Zcash, BTC, ETH (+ERC20 tokens), ETC, Zcash, Ripple, DASH, most recent EOS and other various altcoins. It’s dependable and safe qualities, and gadget similarity highlight makes it one of the best multicryptocurrency wallets for android clients.


In contrast to numerous different wallets, Guarda doesn’t store any customer data, wallet information or private keys. The private key is put away in the gadget’s protected memory and erases itself in the event that you log out from the wallet.


Guarda enables you to move your benefits starting with one coin then onto the next easily, without enrollment, breaking points and complex confirmation methodology.

Visit here to access Guarda wallet .


  • Jaxx
Jaxx- Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet

Jaxx was made in 2014, which has confidence in improving the blockchain and drawing in the majority to its one of a kind offering recommendation. Jaxx is a multi-chain wallet which offers bolster for seven digital currencies, specifically Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum Classic, DAO, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, REP and some more.


It is a standout amongst other Ethereum wallets for ios and android clients. Jaxx gives you full authority over the wallet, or, in other words with work area and portable similarity. It enables you to rapidly change over between bitcoin, Ethereum, and DAO, and will likewise work for every one of the coins, and the Jaxx designers incorporate later on. It has been labeled as outstanding amongst other multi cryptocurrency wallets in the cryptcurrency wallet survey.


Its accessible as an application, Android and iPhone applications and Chrome extension. Consequently, it has every one of the highlights required to be one of the best Ethereum/bitcoin wallets-2018.


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