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We Want You | ACG Network Ecosystem settled in Taiwan, recruiting digital content creators

Currently, ACG Network (hereinafter referred to as ACGN) is actively recruiting content creators of animation, comics, and games to join our creative platform. You can follow us on our official website to learn more, or contact [email protected] by email. We look forward to your joining and sharing with many famous creators in the Japanese animation game industry! Unleash Your Creative Monster!



Last Friday (September 14th), ACGN participated in the BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION SUMMIT held by CoinVoice in Taipei. ACGN CFO Ervin Zhuang was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech titled “Visions for Asia’s Digital Content Industry”.


ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang was making a speech in the Blockchain Summit
ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang delivered a speech


ACGN combines animation, comic and game with blockchain technology together. ACGN has set up its Japanese corporate ACG Network Japan CO., LTD (CEO: SHINICHIRO MAEDA, the former NIPPON TV producer) in Tokyo, Japan, and has launched the ACGN Wallet, its first DAPP. Soon after, the ACGN digital crowdfunding platform is about to go online, and the first animation completed through cryptocurrency crowdfunding is about to be born.


ACG Network Team
ACG Network Team

Based on the smart contract technology of blockchain, ACGN has built a new decentralized platform for animation, comics, games, TV series, movies, etc., to help users achieve content submission, content review, planning and crowdfunding, etc. The Token-CATT (Content Aggregation Transfer Token) was released simultaneously.


ACG Network Ecosystem
ACG Network Ecosystem

By making use of the blockchain technology, users’ behaviors such as uploading works and plans, supporting authors, and contributing works are all visible after the project is published. The original uploader can set various rights regarding copyright and secondary use of the work. At a time when creators are worried about how to ensure their own interests, ACG Network provides an effective solution.


The blockchain industry in Taiwan is also thriving in the context of the burgeoning state of blockchain technology in Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Due to Taiwan’s natural advantages, ACG Network chose to settle in here.


ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang attended the BLOCKCHAIN INNOVATION SUMMIT
ACG Network CFO Ervin Zhuang with Taiwan legislator Jason Hsu

On one hand, Taiwan has adopted a more open market policy for blockchain technology and industry. For investors and innovators, they are able to gain a broader market and more innovation options in an open and relaxed policy environment.


On the other hand, with decades of history accumulation, Taiwan boasts with a stable market and abundant resources. Taiwan’s Global Views Monthly magazine has conducted a questionnaire survey on the cultural and creative industries. When asked which of Taiwan’s industry has the greatest potential to influence the world, 35.6% of the people interviewed chose the creative industry, ranking first. At present, Taiwan has gathered a large number of digital content creators (individuals and small and micro enterprises). In the case of limited capabilities and resources, a platform to expand the market is necessary.

Settling in Taiwan is both an opportunity and a challenge for ACGN. The digital content market in Asia has endless potential, however, it needs long-term efforts to unleash the potential, which is the goal of ACGN.


ACGN is actively recruiting digital content creators from Taiwan to join the creative platform.



For content creators, we’d like to say:

“The unrealizable projects and works in traditional media can be realized on ACGN!”
“Of course we also welcome passionate original works!”

For the heads of public relations and brand operations of major companies, we would like to say:


“ACGN targets not only the Japanese market, but also targets the whole world! You can learn about the latest progress of the works published by your company”.


For fans, we’d like to say:

“You don’t need any connections. Everyone at ACGN has the opportunity to work with directors and producers they admire.”


“You can vote for your favorite animation works and make money as well on ACGN. What are you waiting for? Just download the app and start your wonderful journey on ACGN.


For more details about the project, please follow us on our official website (

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