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ACG Network, a Bellwether for Asia’s Digital Content Industry, Was Launched in Singapore

ACG Network, an epoch-making platform which focuses on animation, comic and game, formally published a complete planning concept in Singapore on July 3rd, 2018.


Singapore – July 3, 2018 —


ACG Network (hereinafter referred to as ACGN), an epoch-making platform which focuses on animation, comic and game, formally published a complete planning concept in Singapore on July 3rd, 2018. With the combination of the digital content industry and the blockchain technology, ACGN may take the lead to change the nature of Asian entertainment.


ACGN has set up its corporate ACG Network Japan CO., LTD in Tokyo, Japan. The founder of ACG Network Japan CO., LTD is Shinichiro Maeda (former NIPPON TV producer); the co-founders are the legendary producer Masuo Ueda (former GM of A-1 Pictures) in Japanese animation industry and the senior media professional Katsuaki Kato (former CCO of Famitsu Group) in the Japanese gaming industry.


In ACGN, the important decision is made by users of ACGN through a voting system, which is full of transparency. Not only for Japan, China and Asia, the works could be displayed to all the users interested in animation, comic and game industries all over the world. ACGN is a world-class platform to excavate and develop ambitious creators with big dreams.


Functions like users uploading their planning and works, supporting producers and re-uploading will be public after the issue of the project. The one who first uploads could set up various rules such as copyright and reusing right. Many creators are worried about how to protect their own benefits, but now ACGN platform provides solutions to help them.


The ACGN ecosystem will be tentatively developed based on existing Ethereum blockchains and smart contracts. R&D team will focus its efforts on building its own ACGN public chain to develop global nodes. In addition, ACGN issued ACGN Wallet, which is a part of the ACGN’s ecosystem and the exclusive platform Token-CATT (Content Aggregation Transfer Token).


Apart from creators before debut, many experienced producers and creatives also showed their interests in ACGN. Some of them sent VCRs to this press conference, including Takamatu Shinji (Gintama), Takahashi Ryosuke (Armored Trooper Votoms), Taniguchi Goro (Code Geass) in animation industry and Ishii Jiro (428: Shibuya Scramble), Shimomura Takeshi (Onmyouji), Wada Yasuhito (Story of Seasons) in the gaming industry.


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