weekly report ACGN

ACG Network Weekly Report 0924-1007

Development Progress


  • Complete the prototype design of next version (version contents: account login, block identity)
  • Changing the whole style


Official Site

  • New version released
  • Add traditional Chinese version
  • Change contents
  • Change UI style



  • Optimizing the style of top page
  • Developing the function of automatic translation
  • Preparing contents



  • Add traditional Chinese version
  • Fix the problem with multi-language function



  • Complete account login system and prototype design
  • Start the development


Industrial Events

ACG Network attended Teamz Blockchain Summit, Metaps Crypto Conference, and such events held in Tokyo from September, 27 to September, 28. ACGN team shared the latest development of ACGN ecosystem with Japanese strategic partners, digital contents creators and blockachain investors.


Ecosystem Development

ACGN has been put into practice in Taiwan. In the beginning of October, Taiwan’s investment institutions and several contents creators came to Shanghai and communicated with Shanghai Blockchain Industry Union as well as other blockchain projects, aiming to enlarge the influence of ACGN  on Taiwan’s digital contents industry.

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