ACGN Forum Community Guidelines

ACGN Forum community guideline
ACGN Forum Community Guideline

A couple of months ago, ACG Network has launched its proprietary Blog to aid content creators and fans around the world with latest updates about what ACG Network is up as well as blockchain industry news at one spot. From crypto community latest buzzword to crypto wallets to latest advancement in blockchain industry to ACG Network Ecosystem’s products developments and updates to overall progress made by cryptocurrency bear market and open blockchain platforms to invest in 2018 and beyond.


ACG Network is aiming to disrupt the digital content industry through the use of open blockchain technology at its best to deliver and bring the change in the lives of both content creators and their loyal fans around the world. Solving the world-class problem of Piracy infringement, limitation on content selection and deprived incentive system improvement through the very fair nature of open blockchain technology. Empowering the content creators for their own ideas to flourish using ACG network Ecosystem.


For the same purpose, We are happy to announce ACG network’s Community Forum (Official Link will soon be updated ) for both creators and their respective fans from discussing the next outstanding project to make it a successful one. Enlisting down the core purpose of ACG Network’s Community Forum.


Content creators can post their next project ideas directly to their fans to collect their real user feedback. Initial post of certain project could be comprised of a prototype if it is gaming related one, can contain Trailer or teaser for certain comics or Manga series they are working on, can be a short Script or preface/abstract of stories they are writing for the next upcoming comics or Novel/eBook just to give a glimpse of their tremendous and original work to their audience.


2) Fans around the world can curate posts or suggest or make threads for discussions. We have different boards set up for fans to involve with. Same goes for creators, they can open a thread for their original work for getting feedbacks and appreciation as well. Besides that users are free to discuss or open thread about their favorite anime series, manga or comics, music collections, photography, novels, films and a lot of other digital content.


3) Holding activities such as Free Giveaways, Contest, Voting, Competitions will be an integral part of the Forum. ACG Network is itself hoping to bring some exciting competitions particularly for content creators to participate in and has a chance to get top position in forums threads/boards to attract the attention of more and more audience for their project as well as be able to win various cash prizes if stated.


We always put ACGN fans and lovers first to evaluate how we are doing to bring the digital content industry to its maximized potential where it will be lucrative for content creators and fun worthy for fans. Let us know into comments about what you think of this new Community forum initiation by ACG Network Foundation (Worlds First Blockchain Based Digital Content Distribution Platform)?

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Posted by Muhammad Faisal Riaz

M. Faisal Riaz is an experienced Business & Marketing Manager with 4 years of solid work experience in the field. Currently working as Marketing Manager at ACG Network Foundation, A Blockchain Ethereum based Digital content distribution platform.


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