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The updated ACGN Wallet has been launched, have you got it?

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On November 26th,

ACGN Wallet 1.2.1 has been launched!!

Have you noticed the changes in the Wallet?


UI style——your style~

Once you open your new ACGN Wallet, you will find that the overall UI style has changed a lot.

ACGN Wallet android
Home  page in Android
ACGN Wallet Home Page
Home Page in iOS

The style of the new ACGN Wallet is clean and attractive. The overall color collocation is pleasing. You will definitely like it~


Home page and various entries are added

The update of ACGN Wallet include adding the home page and several entries such as Dapp Browser, Crowdfunding Platform, Copyright Protection, ACG Network Forum Community and so on. Below are the details of these new updates:


  • ACGN Ecosystem Page-to know about the latest progress of ACG Network project


ACGN Wallet Home Page


  • Weekly Report – To know about the weekly news of ACG Network


ACGN Wallet Weekly Report


  • Dapp Browser– Dapp developed based on Ethereum and payment of ACGN Wallet is available


ACG Network Wallet


  • Crowdfunding Platform– To know about the latest works and plans of big names and support their works


  • ACG Network Forum-Enter the creative world of ACG Network. Here you can upload your work and share with your fans. Meanwhile, you can appreciate the works that you like and make comments. The forum is your creative world and your space for social contacts.


ACGN Wallet Forum Community


Tips:the updates also include the game and asset management.


On the game page, you can play the games by logging in your account. All you need to do is register your account with your number phone.


Checking your digital assets and adding currencies are available on the page of Wallet and Settings, which is convenient and easy.


ACGN Wallet settings

For more update details, please download the ACGN Wallet 1.2.1! Scan the QR code below to get it~


ACGN Wallet


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