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In the last two posts, we’ve introduced two big names in the game industry. Today, we are going to introduce something special.


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If you have ever listened to Eason Chan’s (陈奕迅) songs, you’d think that he is singing about you or your life, which is the same as the “Gintama”, the famous Japanese anime in which there are at least one of your life’s epitomes.


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“True, down-to-earth, rich in emotions….” “Gintama” gained too many proper and pure tags.


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Some people believe that “Gintama” is an animated hodgepodge: fierce fighting, humorous actions, warm and touching scenes… all kinds of elements are integrated. And it’s Shinji Takamatsu, director of “Gintama” who presented all these happiness and emotions to audience all over the world.


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Shinji Takamatsu is a Japanese animation director (performer and supervisor). In addition to “Gintama”, he also has many other outstanding works. As a director and supervisor, he participated in SUNRISE’s animation production of the Gundam series and the Brave series from 80s to the 90s. In recent years, he has personally participated in the animation of popular cartoons such as “Kochikame” and “School Rumble “.


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School Rumble


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