ACGN Ethereum Wallet

ACG Network数字以太坊钱包(多用途)

ACG network Ethereum wallet is a decentralized wallet which mainly enables the following functions:

1) Transaction Inquiry

2) Asset Balance Inquiry
3) Transfer Payments (Eth to USD, CATT to X)
4) Real-Time inquiry of Multi-currency Market
5) Candy Incentive Mechanism

 6) Multiple Security Encryption Mechanism

ACG Network Ethereum wallet is now among top 10 trusted cryptocurrency ERC-20 eth wallet on Google play

You can download the Ethereum wallet through following links.

Android version:
iOS Version :

Before ACGN public blockchain main network goes live based on Ethereum blockchain technology, there is still not a good solution for high traffic high –concurrency internet products. To ensure the efficiency and performance of the entire ACG Network ecosystem as well as user experience of DAPP, we designed two different token systems:

-CATT System
-CATT Candy System

Ethereum Wallet
Ethereum Wallet- CATT refers to as Content Aggregation Transfer Tokens (ACG Network Digital Asset)

CATT candy adopts centralized design and we interpret it as the traditional credit logic, but unlike the credits, CATT candies can’t be generated infinitely, and a portion of CATTs through community incentives may maintain 1:1 redemption ratio.

CATTs are truly decentralized tokens and usually used for trading. Before the public blockchain main network goes live, CATTs and Candies can be inter-convertible. For example, many activities in the initial DAPP will consume CATT candies, which can be obtained through the redemption of CATTs after the recharging of CATT accounts.

How Wallet works

NOTE: ACGN Wallet is a blockchain wallet based on Ethereum ERC-20

  1.   Sign in to Digital Crypto ACGN wallet (an Ethereum’s digital asset wallet) and create a account by private key / keystore / mnemonics.
    2. Feed the Cat to get ACG Candy (candy is digital asset that can be rapidly transferred within ACGN Blockchain).
    3. Obtained candies can be converted to $CATT (Content Aggregation Transfer Token)
    4. Candy and CATT are always converted at 1:1.
    5. Real time currency conversion (Various currencies available)
    6. How to get more CATT (Ethereum Based Blockchain Tokens): Invite your friends, there is an option to invite your friends via personal invitation code to get more CATT.
Invite Friends Earn CATTs Throug Fun Cat Game-ACG Network Ethereum Wallet
Invite Friends Earn CATTs Throug Fun Cat Game-ACG Network Ethereum Wallet



– ACGN Wallet (here referred to as Ethererum’s digital asset wallet) supports a variety of account backup methods to provide local backup security.

Digital Currencies Transfer:

– Supporting multiple currency transfers, we have developed a unique agency payment agreement for the transfer of our own currency. Matching exchanges, real-time access to the account market prices in various currencies based on Ethereum blockchain. .


More than 100 cryptocurrency Transfer Facility
More than 100 cryptocurrency Transfer Facility


High Security:

-We focus on the security of the account assets and provide multiple account protection mechanisms. Once an abnormal transfer occurs within the account, we will activate the alert mechanism to avoid the loss of personal assets caused by hacking.
– A security center to help protect your funds from unauthorized access

Currency Conversion:

-Designed a two-tier internal currency conversion mechanism to resolve transaction costs and transaction efficiency issues (CATT to eth, eth to CATT).

Please keep mining CATT and you can use it for ACG Network crowdfunding purpose once its live soon later this year 2018, can be transferred to ETH once our Tokens Published on Exchange.  If you have not downloaded our ACGN Ethereum Wallet

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Android version:
iOS Version :

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