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ACG Network founding team accepted interview of Oricon News

On August 6, Co-founder Shinichiro Maeda and CFO Ervin Zhuang of ACG Network (ACGN) were interviewed by the famous Japanese news magazine Oricon News(オリコンニュース) and shared their insights on the development of blockchain technology.


In the interview, Shinichiro Maeda and Ervin Zhuang both shared their opinions on blockchain technology and believed that making changes is inevitable. To get better development, ACGN has to make changes and take full advantage of the blockchain technology to seek more gains that content providers deserve.


Meanwhile, they expressed that with the support of blockchain technology, ACGN will win more opportunities and the future of digital contents has come!


The magazine is to be released at the end of August. Oricon is established in 1999 and is of great industrial influence in Japan. Through this interview, ACGN hopes that blockchain technology could be understood better by more people. In the future, ACGN would keep moving forward and enhancing influence.

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