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Have You Watched “My Neighbor Totoro”?

In that summer, the sky was blue, clouds were light,

sunshine was bright, and the air was fresh.


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In that summer, the breath of the forest was close,

and the symphony of the rain and wind was fair-sounding.



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In that summer, the fragrance in the countryside was sweet,

and the flowers were gorgeous.


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Memories of that summer years ago have been treasured,

and the passage of time will never take its simple and unique imprint away.

And now that summer is coming back,

bringing different warmth to this winter.



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Meet Again, the feelings brought by“My Neighbor Totoro”are both familiar and strange. The same sunshine as the memory, the same Xiaoyue, Xiaomei and the same Totoro, none of which have changed. However, what strange is that the desire that is evoked in the deep of heart is different from that of before.


When first meeting “My Neighbor Totoro”, I was still a child. At that time, I dreamed of owning a friend just like Totoro who is cute and friendly, so that I could sleep in his belly and enjoy the company of him.


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Encountering “My Neighbor Totoro”again, I have already become an adult. The innocent childhood, the silent countryside and the carefree play under the sun attracted me most. However, the seemingly simple desire is just like the childhood desire to get Totoro, which are both wild wishes. There is no magic in reality, and time does not flow against the current.


But whether in the past or now, no matter what it evokes in the heart can be achieved or not, the warmth and touch brought by“My Neighbor Totoro”itself are true. It touched me and made me laugh and expect. In the future, I will still laugh and expect for it. And I will still believe that “as long as you laugh, all frightening things will run away.”


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Maybe this is also the magic of classic works:

Make people willing and convinced.

I’ve watched“My Neighbor Totoro”, and you?


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Posted by April Tang

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