ACG Network Distributive incentive system

为什么说AGC Networks的分布式激励系统的内在特征是革命性的


ACG Network Distributive incentive system
ACG Network Distributive incentive system

In the current centralized model, interests remain in dissimilarity and in conflict. The giants that contain the online economy remain to pick up from making unfair utilization of each other’s services. Distributors and content creators diversion(online gaming, animation or other digital content) still misleading content (and in some cases counterfeit)  to augment activity and ad impressions. Buyers of online content fall back on piracy to abstain from paying for services. Clients install ad blockers to dispose of pernicious advertisements. Freelancer deals with their clients directly to stay away from commission costs.

Is there any approach to modify the online economy to advance cooperation and reasonable utilization of each other’s platform and services?

The answer is Yes, Blockchain, the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies, provides a solution to align the interests of all parties involved. In blockchain, a distributed network of stakeholders replaces centralized authorities and gatekeepers that previously owned services. Providers and users mutually own and maintain services that run on the blockchain. In return, they share the profits that the services generate.

How ACG network distributed incentive is unique, lies in the following points.

ACG Network Ad Engine

Companies with promotion demands from both gaming and traditional industries may leverage the ACG Network ad Engine to accurately integrate products or ads with user-generated contents. Companies or clients with advertising demands may purchase ad opportunities with CATTs, and creators of content integrated with ads can get some CATTs as income.

The ACG Network ad Engine, with the combination of blockchain technology, can perfectly solve the fairness and transparency problems of ad data that the client is most concerned about.

ACG Network Distributive Incentive System
ACG Network Distributive Incentive System

2) Transparency of Clients Data

The traditional advertising system is a centralized platform for third parties. Clients on these third-party platforms cannot 100% ensure the accuracy of data such as rate/click CPA, CPI etc. ACG network with the Blockchain technology can perfectly solve this pain points for clients. Clients push ads through the ACG Network ad Engine. Each time user browses or click on ads in the DAPPs of ACGN Ecosystem, these operations will be recorded on the ACG Network public chain to make sure that ad data are accurate and unaltered. Therefore, client are no longer worried about the accuracy of the data, and the cost performance of advertising will be maximized.

3) Profitable
DAPP Ecosystem

In addition, for the advertisement model, ACG network not only set up official centralized advertising resources in each DAPP ecosystem but also provide open permission to content creators (creators, companies) in each DAPP ecosystem, thus content creators may customize the quality and frequency of exposure of advertising resources in their contents, and even may choose what kind of  and what type of ads their contents can accept.


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