cryptocurrency trends in 2018


cryptocurrency trends in 2018
cryptocurrency trends in 2018


Why wait for the market to move when we can move the market together, Anonymous


At the very start of 2018, the crypto market was booming in terms of the number of ICO’s launched each day and almost major cryptocurrency got a flight rocket to the moon. Ethereum emerged as the second biggest cryptocurrency and 70% of all ICO launched were based on Ethereum platform. In mid 2018, crypto community observe a fall with Ether price fall down to $200 from the booming value of $1200 and bitcoin prices fall from 20,000 to figure $6420 as of now today.


Crypto Community should understand one thing, speculation will remain part of this infant open blockchain technology-based products. Economic experts like Nouriel Roubini (Dr. Doom since he always predicts the crash of Economic market 2008 beforehand ) called it a bubble but finally accepts that Bitcoin is still there and will remain. While he accepted Bitcoin to be legitimate and a revolutionary payment platform, this means Dr. Doom figured out finally that cryptocurrency does have space in this current dying monetary system of Fiat and debt-based economic system.


Let’s come back to original subject, no matter how much hype been created for any project in crypto space, one thing is for sure which lasts long is the “platform” itself. Putting your money into a real-world problem-solving project’s digital asset will save and guarantee a future for sure. So investing in platforms is the safest and potentially most lucrative sector of a digital asset. Mainstream adoption of decentralized apps would take time. Think of what would happen if you tried to launch Facebook back in 1995 – it would have been a spectacular failure.


The internet was not yet fast or broad enough, and the network effect was negligible. Same hold for many projects in the crypto space which would be even sucked out by the platform itself or will be eliminated automatically by current infancy stage of the open blockchain. Don’t panic!

As of today, following are the most dominant and lucrative platform’s digital assets value and market cap for you to a quick review of the market shift.

cryptocurrency trends in 2018
cryptocurrency trends in 2018


Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ripple are still dominant and craving their way to flourish future by solving world class problems of economic and monetary system for the world.

Here’s my opinion for you guys to consider.

Platforms and infrastructure projects have a nice balance of risk and reward. Investing in platforms will be long lasting investment in cryptocurrency and bloackhain world.
Some of other popular platforms for the year 2018 are ETH, NEO, EOS and ICX.


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