ACG Network open blockchain Decentralized DApp Store

什么是ACG Network的DAPP商店?社区贡献者和内容创建者的奖励系统(动画师,游戏开发者和漫画家)

ACG Network open blockchain Decentralized DApp Store
ACG Network open blockchain Decentralized DApp Store

DApp (Decentralized app) are considered as the backbone of an open blockchain ecosystem. Peer to peer working DApps with decentralized nodes uses tokenized economy and leverage the Ethereum based smart contracts technology to give the content creator the liberty to control its ROI and fair economic incentive system.

       ACGN’s vision is to gather and integrate the resources, talents, and content of the digital content industry around the world. The more resources and contents are available in the ACG Network, the better the overall ecosystem.

In order to provide talents and content of the digital industry around the world with an opportunity to access blockchain, we are going to design and develop a DAPP store mechanism.

For an application to be viewed as a DApp with regards to Blockchain, it must meet the accompanying criteria:

Application must be totally open-source

It must work self-governing, and with no content controlling the larger part of its tokens. The application may adjust its protocol because of proposed enhancements and market criticism, however the consensus of its user must choose all progressions.
Application’s information and records of activity must be cryptographically in an open, decentralized blockchain keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from any main issues of failure.
Application must utilize a cryptographic token

ACG Network Ethereum based open blockchain based Decentralized DApp Store
ACG Network Ethereum based open blockchain based Decentralized DApp Store

Dapp Content Store

  ACG Networks’s DApp store would allow content creators of the digital content industry around the world to develop and release their own DAPPs and Ethereum based smart contracts. Since those DApp considered to be tokenized and hence can proliferate within ACG Network public blockchain for voting and forecasting purpose by accessing smart contracts (Ethereum).

Reward System for Community and Content Creators

     Within ACG network’s public blockchain based ecosystem, all activities including creating, share, like and comment that contributes to the content creation, sharing, proliferation, and community co-prosperity should be rewarded. Therefore, all content shares across the community and all nodes that assist distributed ledger in making records will be entitled to rewards from the ACG Network public blockchain.

     To facilitate the expansion of the community, encourage the high quality contents and drive the healthy growth of the community in the long term, about 25% (1.25 Billion) of the tokens will be utilized as community development costs and incentives, including 450 Million for the establishment of content IP partnership and 800 Million to be distributed as community user incentives each year.

For Content Creators

     Each year, among the CATTs distributed as incentives, the first 40% will be given to content creators in accordance with the valuable contribution of each content. The purpose is to encourage the development of high-quality content.

For Community Members/participants

About 10% of the total income a creator receives from each content will be distributed to participants who have made contributions, e.g. by forwarding, sharing or commenting it as well as crawler operators. This allows each link along the content value chain to share the benefit.

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M. Faisal Riaz is an experienced Business & Marketing Manager with 4 years of solid work experience in the field. Currently working as Marketing Manager at ACG Network Foundation, A Blockchain Ethereum based Digital content distribution platform.

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